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About Logan Sneed

I / We specialize in helping aspiring young people create a business super fast and use it as a tool to help you make more sales (no matter what you sell).

If you are trying to make a side income, We help aspiring young talented man and women who are looking to make upwards of  $1,000.00 Dollars per day online, If you need to travel the world, take great pictures, and create a beautiful life while earning money on the side. We can definitely help you., and stand out from the crowd then I / we can definitely help you.

We are specialists in making up to $1,000.00 Dollars per day online and my / our accomplishments include:




  • Master marketing facebook experience
  • Self-taught copywriter and webmaster


Work History:

  • Spent 5 years as a online marketing advocate for Keto


Awards, Titles, and Designations:

  • Amazon Best Selling keto products


Other Info:

  • Started selling keto diet programs since the early days of facebook and instagram
  • Been writing and designing keto diet plans
  • Spoken in 2 cancer conferences
  • Have customers in over 20+ countries around the globe
  • Spoke in different cancer organizations on the importance of keto diets and how to use real foods to beat cancer
  • Overcame a diagnosis of deadliest cancer
  • Decided to start my own business online then became debt free in less than a year and now I'm cancer free


When you want to create a business super fast and use it as a tool to help you make more sales (no matter what you sell), you need the true experts in earn up to $1,000.00 Dollars per day online.

And as you can see, we can definitely help you We help aspiring young talented man and women who are looking to earn up to $1,000.00 Dollars per day online, If you need to travel the world, take great pictures, and create a beautiful life while earning money on the side. We can definitely help you., and stand out from the crowd!


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What If I Told You That You Could Have Unlimited Access To My Expert Knowledge Showing You EVERY STEP That You Need To Take In Order To Build Your Business Like I Built

The same expert knowledge that took me from overworked, underpaid employee to successful online fitness professional…
The secrets that will show you the ins-and-outs of:

The #1 way to attract the right types of customers and clients online

☑ How to build products and programs that sell themselves

☑ The “foolproof” way to create social media content that demands attention

☑ Why building a loyal audience trumps a massive audience 11 times out of 10

☑ How you can get paid more to work less (and still serve your fitness clients at a higher level)

If you had all of this "expert knowledge", do you think you could succeed as an online fitness professional?

The Problem Is That Most People Think They Need To Have A HUGE Social Media Following To Be Seen As A “Fitness Expert”…

The good news for you is that most people ARE WRONG!

Here’s why:
…most people wait until they have thousands and thousands of followers before they feel they’re “ready” to help other people get in shape
…most people sit on the sidelines and watch other trainers build their businesses by putting out the same exact content as them
…most people don't have a REAL business that gives them the time and freedom they're after (even if they have successful social media pages)
If you have the passion & the work ethic AND you surround yourself with the RIGHT people, then you DON’T NEED a massive social media following to succeed as an online fitness professional.
What YOU need is a combination of the right tools and the right knowledge…
Before you disregard all of this as just another “guru” trying to sell you the “dream,” consider this…

Once you learn the step-by-step process that fitness professionals use to build a full-time income on a part-time schedule, you can literally create the fitness business of your dreams.

A business that:

Gives you the ability to work with your dream clients and customers
☑ Runs by itself because it’s built on systems and processes
Allows you to work whenever you want from wherever you want in the world
Helps you build an income that isn’t dependent on the number of hours you are “on the clock”
Fuels your passion and allows you to do work you actually enjoy doing




A One-Stop-Shop For Building Your Online Influencer Empire




- Personal Branding

To create a personal brand, you need to what you believe in, a philosophy, an idea, something that creates an outcome. For example how can you stand out in developing an online fitness business? Instead of taking part in the same ideas that everyone else does, take an idea and turn it into something different.

- Niche Market + Differentiation

A big mistake that is made in the entrepreneur world is that people do not find a niche market. They go to target a broad audience of different fields. It is key to target a big audience that has been narrowed down with high demand. Now that you have found a niche market, where there may be competition, figure out how your idea in what you are providing is different. Following the competition is not different. It simply is following what is already being provided.

- Learn From the Competition

Learning from the competition is a big benefit but the majority can look at the competition as something that is in their way. Viewing competition as a benefit is huge in helping spark this business from the beginning. Mark down brands and competitors that you know are doing very well and some that you do not think are doing very well.

- How to Begin the Business Legally?

By making your business an actual legal business, you are bringing succeredee to you and your brand. This can bring many benefits in many ways. Many forms are out there on making your business a REAL business. The process that I have personally taken is making this an LLC. Doing this keeps me secure in the case of a lawsuit or legal matter.

- Branding, Logo, and Website

When creating the business name you want to create a name that is relatable and understable to the audience. By making it relatable it will target people in more ways than one. Making websites and brand names such as or “Name” is something that almost 90% of online businesses’ create.

- Social Media Content Creation

A big thing to focus on is having content that is bringing value to people. More often than not, people believe that simply posting pictures of their body will get them the results they are seeking. Yes it may get a lot of likes. But, overall likes and overall impressions, are two different readings. You need to have content that is going to catch eyes have bring people into the post or video.



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